About Us

Croquet is a great sport, and our club provides an environment to enjoy it both socially and competitively. For new members, we offer all the equipment, coaching, and playing facilities you’ll need to get going. For more experienced players we offer the chance to play competitively, both at home and representing the club outside.

Read more about and where we play and the history of the club.


The club is a member of the East Midlands Croquet Federation, which coordinates clubs in the region, and organises leagues, development and coaching throughout East Midlands .

We’re also a member club of the Croquet England, which is the governing body for croquet throughout England and Wales.

The 2024 croquet playing season will start in early April
The Club has been playing in the Park since 2008 and prides itself that it is mainly a
social club with an emphasis on enjoying being in the open air, in the company of
other players, as well as playing the game. It is always satisfying to win but the
social interaction is more important. The Club supports two teams in the East
Midlands League and additionally plays other club groups in friendly matches both
at home and away. Such matches are a good way to meet like minded players from
other clubs in a bit of competition. Throughout the year there are also social events
in local pubs, members’ homes or on the courts.
The Club has three courts in the Whitworth Park which allows 12 people to play at
any one time with primary coloured balls and a further 8 players can join them on
two of the courts using the secondary colours thus giving plenty of opportunity to
play. In 2023 a new shelter was erected having been made possible by grant funding, including from the Town Council. This is a much improved facility for the club.
If you cannot make this event, members will be pleased to see you during normal
play sessions on Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons from 2pm onwards.