Club Newsletter

April 2021

Dear Members

Play: The courts have been set out and play can now start. If three courts are not needed then please play on courts 2 and 3 for the next few weeks to help court 1 recover. Remember that Covid rules apply and for that find attached a copy of the updated rules. Remember, under tracing rules, to notify me by email, that you have played and details of others present.

Attachments: This is the annual bumper edition so find attached to this newsletter:

Covid rules
AGM invitation and agenda
Annual Accounts
Annual report
Renewal Notice
Laura Haywood Shield competition application

For email users the above are sent to you in pdf format. If you need them in doc format (or excel for the accounts) then please let me know.

Committee: To fill a vacancy Donna Hawkins was co-opted to the Committee at its recent zoom meeting.
AGM: The AGM agenda is attached, please note the meeting will be on Zoom and the start time is now 6.30pm. This meeting will be to cover the formal business and a more discussion based open forum type meeting will be held later to discuss pending issues like CA membership and the shelter. The zoom invitation data is on the AGM notice.
The zoom we use is administered by the Federation so as your local host my name comes up as the Federation’s secretary (Judith Rowe).

Renewals: After the difficult year of 2020, full members are being invited to rejoin at the special one-off rate of £30. Please complete and return the form attached with your cheque. Current membership ceases at the AGM (11th May). Beware that this reduction is just for this year and is not the base point for a decision on the rate in later years.
Subscriptions stay at £40 for new members.

Covid rules: I will update the attached rules as they are changed by the Roadmap and issue them to you. I use the Croquet Association guidance as the basis for these so after governmental changes it takes a few days for the new guidance to be issued. Until I issue any changes you must follow the latest issued rules even if you feel that governmental changes alter them.

Club play times: We have made a slight change to the club play times, they can now start at 12.30pm, again on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays.

24th April: We want to try and get most playing members along to play games on Saturday 24th April from 1.30pm as a way of starting off what we hope will be a better season than in 2020. This is a great opportunity to meet up again, and play the game. We will need to adhere to Covid rules that will then apply which today would mean groups of only 4 can play on each court and not intermingle with other courts, we will have to wait and see what actually happens on the next stage of the roadmap. We need to set this up so please say you want to play that day by emailing me no later than noon on Wednesday 21st April. We will then allocate you to a group, court and start time. If there are sufficient for two sessions the second session will start at 3pm. An email will be sent to you on Friday afternoon (or telephone call for non-emailers) detailing the arrangements for you. Please note that under present Covid rules spectators are not allowed, so our chairs cannot be used. If you need to await your turn please use the Tea Room seating or use the park benches. Roy is acting as the manager for the afternoon.

Welfare: A reminder that the club likes to keep in touch with members who are ill by sending them a card and also being here if they need any assistance etc. Roy looks after this side of things and members who are aware of another member who is ill should contact him (contact details below)

Safeguarding: All CA member clubs have to appoint a Local Safeguarding Officer; Donna Hawkins has volunteered for this role.

Laura Haywood Shield: The application form should be returned to me by 17th April. This year we are introducing a rule that Jump Shots will NOT be permitted in order to encourage all members to take part, so there is no longer an excuse not to take part.

Socials: In addition to the gathering on 24th April our first normal social will be the Pat Hancocks charity tournament on 11th July – make a note in your diary and details will follow in a later newsletter.

WhatsApp Group: Donna is going to set up a WhatsApp Group called “Croquet Club”. If you use WhatsApp and would like to join, please send Donna a message on 07972 724563 and she’ll add you to the group. I am not familiar with WhatsApp but I am told that if you don’t use WhatsApp then it is definitely worth setting up an account, it has lots of advantages over the normal SMS text message. It will be a useful way to ensure that people who don’t have a regular playing partner are able to meet up with someone and also to ensure that we don’t accidentally meet up in too large a group for Lockdown regulations, eg.”It’s a beautiful afternoon and I fancy a game does anyone want to join me at 2:30?”

Lincolnshire Handicap: I have received details of this GC singles tournament on Saturday 26th June at Branston. Contact Judy Crowe Tel: 01522 807054 or email:

League: The key to starting the league this year is when it is legal to car share – hopefully after 17th May – we will see.

Future Events: 24th April Play a game
11th May AGM @ 6.30pm via Zoom
5 th September Laura Haywood finals day (also possible General Meeting)