Club Newsletter

June 2020


Just over half the members responded to the AGM information so it was agreed. Ann Bradley is now in the Chair, as well as Social Secretary.


From guidance written by the Croquet Association (CA), that has Governmental approval, we have prepared rules relating to the reopening of the courts for singles games only (not doubles). They have also been agreed with The Whitworth trustees. Play can now resume. You will see from the attached that the rules are quite clear but not easy to achieve without full cooperation of each individual playing, especially the need each player to bring soapy water on each visit. The Whitworth is not expecting to open the building up for some time, so no toilets or access to water on site, so it is up to you. I think we all expect some more relaxation by government over the coming weeks or months, and as that happens I will monitor the CA website for changes that we could incorporate into revised rules and then advise you.
A word of warning, the ground is very hard and when setting out we had difficulties in
penetrating very far, so early games will need the use of the mallet to position the hoops. I
suspect they will need to project above the ground more than usual as otherwise removing them will be difficult.
Other groups

As a comparison I have looked at the recommendations of the two bodies running Bowls – flat and crown green. Their recommendations are very similar to those of the Croquet Association including the provision for cleaning equipment before and after use.

The Whitworth

Many of you are aware of the financial difficulties being endured by The Whitworth. Their crowdfunding appeal reached just over £20,000 its original target on 28th May, but they now hope to reach £25,000. I am also aware that they have received a grant. Thanks go to those that supported the appeal because if The Whitworth had failed we would probably have had to relocate. If you would still like to make a donation, thus giving them extra financial security, then either send a cheque to the Centre or see their website –


I read a few days before closure of applications that there was an emergency fund run by
Sports England, so I quickly applied, however it proved unsuccessful. I am now looking at other options.


Retired Chairman, Frank, took it upon himself to repaint the hoops and they now look splendid. He then went on the sweep out the shed and to re-varnish some of the mallets. Well done.


Quite early on all the league fixtures for 2020 were abandoned, so we look forward to 2021.

Other groups

As no visitors are currently allowed it follows that friendly matches and taster sessions (a good earner) cannot take place at this time. We will monitor the situation.


Have you paid your £40 subscription (£10 for social members) – if not please send it to Colin today – thanks. If you have not so far paid and do not by the end of June you will be deemed to have resigned. There has to be a cut off date somewhere.


The list of future events below is more in hope than expectation. The Garden Party at Hillcrest due in July has been (hopefully only) postponed. By then it might have been possible to be outside in a group but if it rains we will be indoors and I cannot see that being allowed until later.
Future Events 2nd August Charity Tournament on the Courts
19th September Pub Pie and Chips at The Grouse
14th November Curry Night at Ed’s
14th December Christmas Lunch at The Whitworth
1st January 2021 Barringtons noon drink
14th January New Year Lunch at Bakewell Golf Club
March Pub do