Club Newsletter

June 2022


The predicted cost of the shelter, including costs relating to removal of existing etc is about
£5500. We applied for a maximum grant from Derbyshire Dales CVS of £5000 and have been awarded £2500. I am also aware that other capital applications were reduced by 50%. We have also received a £500 grant from our County Councillor. We are now in the process of applying to other funders to top up these awards to get as close as possible to our predicted costs. The Whitworth has also agreed to be responsible for reinstatement after removal of the existing. To keep costs down we have had to identify work that can be carried out by members – we will need working parties in due course.


As you will have seen the old shelter has been vandalised yet again.
In a recent meeting with the manager he urged that we report such vandalism, abuse or other bad behaviour to him and also to the police on101. The more reports received may assist in maintaining at least the present limited police presence in Darley Dale.
When you ring 101 they will want a contact email which should be mine – if you forget my
personal one you can always use You should take
a photo or two, if poss, and email them together with a report to me. The police tell us we are allowed to take photos of culprits, if they are there. I will forward as necessary to the
Our local PCSOs are Nixon and Mattison – they are quite helpful.

Jubilee Day:

The Club joined the Town Council and Whitworth celebrations on 5th June. The courts were
opened for members of the public to have a go and many turned up. It was an overcast and
drizzly day but it seemed to go quite well. Whether this leads to new members we will wait
and see. The Chair emailed members that took part to thank them for their efforts. This was basically a good day.


The A team play their first match of the season on 16th June against Nottingham B at home.
Team B started their season with a home match against Southwell on 9th May. If we ignore
the croquet it was a fun day with great visitors. Being their first match ever in the league they put forward a tough team that just met the rules with players of handicap 6, 6 and 8 against our 9, 10 and 11/12 (Christine W and Eleanor ‘shared’ a mallet). We lost heavily 11:1.
For our second match John took a team to Nottingham C on 30th May and writes ‘On the way to Nottingham we were thinking we’d get a thrashing again but we finished up winning 8:4. We were evens in the first session it was very cold and damp, we had coats on. After a very good lunch, which was up to our standard, we did very well and won 5 of the 6 games. They were very friendly people’. As an extra piece of info 8 of the 12 games finished just one point apart (5 in our favour)
I then took a team to Branston C on 1st June. Well the score was also 8:4 but the wrong way
round. At lunch we were 5:1 down but the food woke us up and we managed to claw back a
bit. John managed to win two of his games and I managed to keep hitting the wires (uprights). Must get new glasses !!!!! Similar to the previous match 6 games finished just one point apart but this time 4 was in favour of Branston
This season 3 clubs (Nottingham, Branston and Ashby) are playing 3 teams, as against just
Branston last season. It seems the introduction of C teams is being made by clubs to
introduce new players to league competition.


Ann writes – ‘Our first social event of the season was held on Saturday 21st May on the
courts. The weather was just right for playing and ten members turned up. The afternoon
was run on a mini tournament basis with each member playing 4 x 20 minute rounds out of 6. We stopped half way through to have refreshments and sell raffle tickets. I’m pleased to say that the raffle raised £43 for Club funds. The result of the competition was very close with only being 3 hoops difference between first and last place. Des and David Gregory were equal winners, each gaining 17 hoops.
Our next social will be the Garden Party at David and Pam’s house, Hillcrest, Wensley on
Saturday 16th July, starting at 5pm. For this event I will be asking members to bring some
food; can you please let me know if you are hoping to attend so that I can allocate a dish to
you. Can you please remember to bring what you would like to drink with you too? A raffle
with be held at this event but on this occasion I will be asking a couple of members to bring a prize as we have been getting that many prizes everyone has ended up taking a gift home
with prizes to spare!!!
I look forward to seeing all on the 16th July. Ann’
As in previous years once Ann tells me who is coming I will try and organise car share to
reduce the numbers parking in Wensley.


The availability of the toilets inside The Whitworth is not related to the opening times of the Tea Room. Toilets are available every day up to at least 5pm via the rear entrance (even if the door is shut). On Monday, Thursday and Friday they are also available until 10pm. (For
taster sessions, on other midweek days, and with advance notice, access might be possible
later than 5pm – Donna is aware).

Federation chairman:

The East Midlands Federation chairman, Mick Haytack, has had to change his visit to
Saturday 9th July at 1:30/2:00pm. He is also their Development Officer and we would like his advice on recruitment etc. I would like him to see the club in action so a good turn-out will be useful.

Laura Haywood:

As this competition is using the Advantage GC format the order of play after the 12th hoop is hoop 3, followed by 4, 1, 2, 11, 12, then repeat. Have you arranged all your games yet? If not, perhaps this is a good time to get them booked.

Correction: The date of the Charity Tournament was wrong in the last newsletter – it is actually on Sunday 7th August.


Donna writes – ‘Things seem to be getting slowly back to normal after Covid and clubs are
starting to look for activities for their calendars. The first of these was 1st Starkholmes Guide Unit. On the 10th May, Ann, Eleanor and I had a very enjoyable evening of croquet with a group of ten guides and five leaders.
We have a booking from Tibshelf WI on the evening of Thursday 4th August (6pm – 8pm). I
will be away for this one so Ann has kindly agreed to lead the session. Ida has offered to help but we need a couple more volunteers as it is a group of 25.
The 41 Club have booked Wednesday 13th July and The Lions will be coming on Monday 25th July. I am looking for helpers for both of these tasters so if you are free, please let me know.
I will also be arranging a club social for Matlock Canoe Club. We came a few years ago and
had a great evening. There are also several members of Matlock U3A who would be
interested in an afternoon taster.
Your support at all these events in invaluable as it raises funds for the club and is a good way to find new members.
If you can help at any of the above, please email me – Re: Tasters’


Donna writes – ‘The May newsletter asked if anyone would like to play some Friendly
matches with neighbouring clubs. Not many people have got back to me. Please can you
email me to let me know either way? If it’s a yes, would you be happy to play away? If so,
how far – is Buxton too far? If yes, which day is best?
We have also been approached by St Elphins and Bakewell asking if we would like to arrange a Friendly Match. Bakewell originally gave some Tuesday dates but then found that these clash with the dual use of their play area. They are now suggesting Wednesdays at Bakewell or we could invite them to us on another day. Please let me know your interest and which days may suit – Re: Friendlies’

Coors Cup:

Colin writes – ‘Louis, Margaret & Colin entered the Corrs Cup competition held at Ashby
where they were up against people with very low (good) handicaps.
As in previous years, it is the learning experience more than the results which matter and they came away with the compensation of three wins against Southwell in the bottom place play off.’

Future Events: 16th June Team A play Nottingham B at home at 10.30
7th July Team A play Leicester B at home at 11:00
9th July Federation chairman’s visit at 1:30
13th July Evening taster session
16th July Garden Party at Hillcrest, Wensley at 5pm
19th July Team B play Torksey at home at 11:00
21st July Team A play Branston B at home at 11:00
25th July Evening Taster session
2nd August Team B play Bakewell B away
4th August Evening taster session
7th August Charity Tournament (Buxtons’ Bowl)
30th August Team B play Dunston B at home at 11:00
3rd September Team A play Gainsborough away
4th September Laura Haywood Shield finals at 1:30
27th September Team B play Ashby C at home at 11:00
5th November Curry evening at The Cottage, Park Lane
Dec Christmas lunch
1 Jan 2023 Barringtons drink at noon
Jan New Year Lunch
March Pub meal