Club Newsletter

August 2020

Dear Members

This email requires a response from ALL members – see Question below.


Following the failure to get a grant from Sports England I applied to Derbyshire Dales CVS and we have received an award of £750. They have a rule that previous payments made cannot be grant aided and they extended that rule to also include proportions of payments we have incurred whether paid or not. So they abated our award for rent due for the first months of the season even though we had not, at the time of the award, paid it. So if we had applied earlier we may have had a slightly larger sum. Anyway the award is about what I really expected and although applied for rent, insurance and mowing costs, it really is to help replenish our reserves after last year’s overspend due to the shelter and mower repairs.

Shelter Vandalism

Should we keep or remove the shelter; that is the question.
Forget that 2020 is not a typical year and remember how we used it in 2019. The shelter forms a focus for the club in the public domain; provides shelter for members from inclement weather, wind and provides some shade. Members not playing and players between games find it useful to sit in and have a chat. Against that we have the ongoing burden of maintenance and in particular dealing with vandalism. Last season we removed the feather edge boarding and replaced them with plywood, this seems to have worked. However in the last 4 weeks we have had the fascias partly removed, coat hooks removed, the internal sign taken away and the promotional sign on the end severely damaged. These signs would cost about £225 to replace.
Lastly something has been smeared across the floor and on the walls (could be a sauce) which makes the shelter currently unusable until cleaned and re-stained. Without a shelter we would sit in the open on the paved area. Erecting a tent, except for events, is impractical even the popup types as one of the keyholders would have to do it and hardly worth their while if they are only there for a couple of games.
We know the present shelter has a limited life and is not strong enough to support a pair of
doors to enclose it. To replace it ‘like for like’ would be about £2000 and could probably be
partly supported by a grant and the rest from reserves.
QUESTION Following a discussion with Ann, as the Chair, as I see it members need to consider one of the following options:-
A. – Leave shelter dirty until end of school holidays and then clean it and retsain it.
B. – clean it now and restain it
C. – remove shelter and either reinstate grass or extend paving (subject to The Whitworth
D. – ready for the 2021 season remove shelter and investigate the cost of a replacement
structure (with doors) and grant aid and seek members vote before proceeding. We
would probably need to clean it as an interim measure.
Please advise me by email no later than 24th August which ONE of the above options you
support so that the committee can consider the way forward. (For members not on email
please telephone or send a note in the post). In giving an opinion it should be based on what
you perceive as the best for the members as a whole and not how you personally use the
There are potentially variants but they probably do not depart from the main thrust of these options, so please try and keep to A, B, C or D.


In connection with the above I have met with the local PCSO, who seems quite supportive.
Ideally he would prefer that the shelter was not there but recognises that it can provide a service to members. Donna gave me some pictures she took of youngsters cycling on the Bowling Green which I emailed to the PCSO and he tells me he should be able to locate them, have a word, and see their parents. He did tell me of other instances where this technique lead to children being grounded. He also said that it is often the culprits younger siblings or ‘friends’ who give him the information he needs.
He is aware of other vandalism in the park.
It is important to report to the police any criminal damage as it helps keep police resources in an area where there is a record of offences. So if you see anything put it in an email to me with or without attached photos. They need to be attached so I can detach them for sending onwards.
I am keeping The Whitworth informed.


We think the best thing is to assume that all socials for the rest of 2020 are cancelled. If the COVID rules change then we could reinstate them via a message in a future newsletter. This is of course disappointing but realistic in the present situation.


Play can continue as the rules previously issued but quite a few members do not appear to
have played, so a reminder that the courts are open on the usual afternoons. Just bring your cleaning kit and make sure you record to my email address that you have played in case NHS ‘test and trace’ needs to contact you.

Future Events:

1st January 2021 Barringtons noon drink
14th January New Year Lunch at Bakewell Golf Club
March Pub do