Club Newsletter

December 2020

Future of Shelter

It seems a long time ago now but thank you to those of you that responded to our survey
regarding the future of the shelter. 69% of responders wanted the shelter cleaned in due course and retained, 9.50% voted to completely remove the shelter and the remaining 21.50% wanted the shelter to be replaced. The shelter has now been cleaned and committee will look at the options further when we can meet. In the meantime I will look at different costs for possible eventual replacement of this fragile structure.


Because of Covid rules the club inspired gathering on New Year’s Day at noon at Barringtons cannot take place under our ‘banner’, even if the pub is open. We have also cancelled the New Year lunch at Bakewell Golf Club due on 14th January. We have also assumed that the possible social in March will not be possible. If things change we will assess again.

Croquet Association

Currently the club has Affiliated membership of the CA. At their last AGM the eligibility of such membership was changed meaning we are no longer able to rejoin in that class. When I last asked it was uncertain if they were going to implement this change in 2021 or 2022. If in 2021 I would anticipate the committee would decide to rejoin as full members (as there is a financial incentive in early years) however members will be asked their opinion at the AGM as to whether this should continue in following years as eventually there will be a financial implication. Based on current CA subscription rates, our membership will cost £9 per playing member rather than a lump sum of £45 but this will be offset by the fact that Public Liability insurance will be included in the subscription. I am currently attempting to get revised insurance quotes as our present insurers will not reinsure us if they do not provide Public Liability cover, which is of course a bit of a nuisance for us. At the time of our AGM I anticipate circulating a note on the pros and cons.

Whites replacement

Picture as seen on the CA website. Is this the replacement for croquet whites !!!!!!!!


And finally, Colin tells me, that as Treasurer, he received a form from the bank asking us to certify that we are not subject to US tax !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Christmas and New Year

Future Events: none