Club Newsletter

December 2021


Since the last newsletter, when I reported that the Trustees were supportive of our proposals, things have not moved on as we had hoped. The Whitworth manager reports that the revised agreement is with their solicitors and he waits to hear from the planners regarding a meeting to discuss the new shelter.


Because of the lack of interest, mainly it appears Covid led; the New Year lunch at the
Matlock Golf Club has been cancelled. The 8 members who showed an interest have been
asked if they would like to come to a lunch/snack in The Whitworth tea room at 12.30 on 11th January. If circumstances have changed for any others that could not make the Golf Club then let Ann know if you would like to join her at The Whitworth. Contact details below.
As a consequence of the ongoing Covid concerns we will not meet as a club at Barrington’s
on New Year’s Day.
The proposed February/March Bangers and Mash night will also be put on hold and reviewed when the situation is clearer.

Christmas I hope you all have a good and happy Christmas and let us hope things become clearer as we move into 2022. Some hope perhaps !!!!!!!!!

Future Events: None planned