Club Newsletter

July 2020

Dear Members

Covid play rules

The constant changing of the government rules makes life difficult by having to keep rechecking the Croquet Association website. I attach the latest update. The principle change is that the Club is required to maintain a list, for 21 days, of all members, and any others, who attend the courts whether they play or not. For some bigger clubs where they have staffed pavilions it is relatively easy. In our case we need members to provide the information. This is to be achieved by members who, after attending, should email me immediately, with their name, and date of play, approx start and finish times and names of all others present. We expect all members to comply (other than if you are in the same household as a member notifying me) even if you expect someone else to tell me you were there. Duplication is better than not notifying. If you give a non-member a trial we must have their details ie name, address and telephone number.
You should do this even if only two of you are present so that the Club meets the rules. I
normally try to acknowledge receipt of emails but on this occasion will not unless of course I have a query. After the 21 days I will delete the emails.
The other requirements, including the tiresome need to take soapy water to clean oneself and the equipment, remain.


The good news is that The Whitworth cafe has reopened for at least an outdoor service. I
emailed their office to see if toilets are open and had this reply – ‘We will have one queue for both customers wanting to order from the café and customers wanting the toilet. So whilst I am happy for your members to use the toilets they will have to join the queue for the cafe and at busy times I foresee the queue being quite long’.


The charity tournament cannot take place under current Covid rules, so please assume it is
cancelled, however if the rules again change and allow the event, you will be informed. It is a pity as we still have The Buxtons’ Bowl donated by Derek and Eileen Buxton from the Ashby club to mark our 10th anniversary, which is the winner’s prize. The event last season was rained off twice and this year cancelled by Covid.
Ann will be reviewing the pub meal due in September with the pub in due course.

Future Events:.

19th September Pub Pie and Chips at The Grouse
14th November Curry Night at Ed’s
14th December Christmas Lunch at The Whitworth
1st January 2021 Barringtons noon drink
14th January New Year Lunch at Bakewell Golf Club
March Pub do