New Members Guide



The club rents a grassed area and space in the storage shed from The Whitworth Institute. The Club is responsible for the mowing of the courts and setting out the hoop holes. The court sizes we use are commonly known as ‘half size’ although in area terms they are 32.65% of full size.

Club Days

The Club plays Golf Croquet on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday afternoons from 1.30pm in the Whitworth Park from late March to sometime in October, all weather dependent.

Game Rules

 See separate Golf Croquet section on the  website


Flat shoes so that depressions are not left.

Play Etiquette

After playing your turn do not move forward as this can distract the player(s) following you and you might get hit by their ball as it ricochets off and maybe on to someone else. This might have been otherwise their perfect shot. Try not to alarm them whilst they are attempting their turn or cast a shadow over their field of play.

Inter Club 

The Club is in the East Midlands Federation league and also plays friendly matches, contact coordinators if interested in playing. For away matches, and when sharing a car, passengers are expected to offer to contribute to the driver’s fuel costs.


Is stored in the shed and is transported to the courts in the trolleys – one trolley has two sets of court equipment and the other small one, one set. The two set trolley should be parked at the front of the shed. The larger trolley is for the tent and tables used for Inter Club matches and special occasions. There are mallets of various lengths and each is numbered for future reference. These and chairs are taken to the courts by hand. Members should set up the hoops in pre-provided holes. All equipment is returned to the shed whenever not required, members should not leave unless they have retrurned equipment or agreed that someone will do it for them. Equipment should never be left on the courts unattended at any time, even for a few minutes, as we are then not insured.


Some members are keyholders. Any decisions needed on the day regarding that days management rests with them. If the last keyholder present has to leave; then any other remaining members also have to leave.

Laura Haywood Shield

Internal club competition open to all playing members and named after one our late members who was still playing at the age of 96.

Pat Hancocks Tournament

 A one afternoon charity tournament where proceeds go a charity determined by the Committee and is named after one of our early members. She was a committee member and acted as Fixtures Secretary and died of cancer.


Are advertised in the newsletter. If you confirm attendance you will probably be charged even if you do not turn up without notice – 48 hours for events in members houses or 10 days for events in commercial properties (or as advertised). Members may bring non-member spouses/partners or a one house guest if booked with Social Secretary at time of booking.


Please clear rubbish left in the shelter by others before commencing play – use bins within the park. There are gloves and a brush and pan in the shed if required. If in the park at other times please check the shelter for rubbish – this is part of our agreement with the landlord.

First Aid 

There is a basic first aid kit in the shed. Inform the Secretary if any contents are used. The Whitworth Hospital, towards Matlock on the A6, runs a minor injuries unit.


For inter-club matches the home team players and scorer provide food for themselves and their visitors. The Catering Coordinator ensures a balance of food stuffs and provides drinks, cutlery, plates etc etc. Some club events also require catering and those attending will be asked to bring agreed food. When the Coordinator is not available another member has to take on this role including collecting and returning supplies/equipment from/to the Coordinator.

Policy Documents

The Club has an Equality Policy, a Data Policy, a Safeguarding Policy and an Health & Safety Assessment. See separate section of the website